Brendan O’Rourke

Brendan looking very comfortable in this race in spite of his leg wound.

Current Hometown: Middletown, CT

Family members we might see at a race : My wife Loucil and son Jaden

Current Employment: Architectural Illustrator

Current running interest: The 10k, Triathlon, Otillo Swimrun (never done one but would love to)

Favorite race: Shamrock & Roll 5k, New Haven. Flat course and cold weather!

Race you have done the most times: Manchester Road Race

High School/College running programs: Ran Cross Country in high school, then had a falling out with training in college and just ate pizza, watched movies, and sat at my drafting table.

Hobbies: Running, cycling, swimming, snowboarding, hiking, photography

A favorite quote(s): 

The prize doesn’t go to the fastest guy, it goes to the guy who slows down the least.

  • Rich Roll

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.

  • Frank Lloyd Wright

What you listen to on a road trip: Depends on the day…but usually podcasts. (Rich Roll, Marc Maron, Ron Burgendy, Last Podcast on the Left)

Something that makes you weird: I prefer deep conversations peppered with movie quotes.

Youthful PRs: 5:18 Mile, 18:37 5k

Open PRs: 5:19 Mile (5:08 @ Spring Street Manchester but that doesn’t count), 18:38 5k

40:20 10k, 1:28:16 Half Marathon, 3:25:23 Marathon, 1:17:13 Triathlon Sprint