Liz Campbell

Name: Liz Campbell

Current Hometown: Stamford, CT

Family members we might see at a race: Mah sistah, Theresa

Current Employment: Engineering Program Manager at ASML

Current running interest: (Trail? Mountain? Speed? Ultra? Staying injury free?) MARATHONS BABYYY

Favorite race: Sham Rock N Roll

Race you have done the most times: Redding Half Marathon 

High School/College running programs: University of New Hampshire XC and Track

Hobbies: Running (duh), disc golf, beer (is that a hobby?), baking, fashion 

A favorite quote: “be the change that you wish to see in the world” 

What you listen to on a road trip: Bruce Springsteen 

Something that makes you weird: Let’s be honest, EVERYTHING.

Youthful PRs: lol, 4:55 in the mile. That will never happen again.

Open PRs: 17:26, 1:22, 2:55