Lori Marcantonio

Name: Lori Marcantonio 

Current Residence:Middlebury, CT

Family we might see at a race: Daniel and Samantha!! And maybe Lola, my sausage dog 

Profession: Reading Specialist/ English teacher Henry Abbott Tech HS Danbury, CT

Running interests: Trail, road, speed…training for Hartford Marathon! 

Race I’ve done most times: Southbury Fall Classic 10k (it doesn’t run anymore ): 

Previous Running Programs: Sacred Heart University Track and Field 

Other less important hobbies: eating, painting, writing, reading, spending time with my kids, walking my wieners 

Favorite quote: “I hate running” ~ Liz Campbell 

If you were on a road trip you’d listen to: 90s rap, Phish, Audioslave, Soundgarden, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Tribe Called Quest, crap my kids enjoy. 

What makes me weird? Honestly, what isn’t weird about me? That’s the real question.

Youthful PRs:
400m 55
200m 25.7
Mile 5:12 
5k 17:52

AC/ Masters (after children) PRs:
5k 18:47
10k none yet 
4 mile 24:54
1 mile: 5:09 (Manchester)
Eating 10 tacos: 15:23
All the rest…yet to come! 
Trying to break 3 hrs in Hartford in October; hopefully I’ll break 3:10. HAHA