Michelle Navarro

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While Michelle is eager to recapture her college speed, she is equally excited to shed that SHU red for Sound Runner blue.

Current Hometown: East Lyme, CT – moving to Milford, CT in mid August!

Family members we might see at a race: None they are all in NJ or elsewhere ☹

Current Employment: American Cruise Lines as a Senior Graphic Designer

Current running interest: Attempting to run college 5k times

Favorite race: 5K

Race you have done the most times: any 5K runs mostly. There isn’t one I always do though, I like to try different races each year.

High School/College running programs:

High School – Bishop Ahr High School in Edison, NJ

College – Division 1 at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT

Hobbies: Doing any and all sports or just being active constantly; painting; photography

A favorite quote: “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

What you listen to on a road trip: Trance Music (Gareth Emery, Gryffin, Kygo) 

Something that makes you weird: There’s probably so many things that make me weird. But I’d say blasting music while getting ready, even if it’s 5 am. It’s always like a club in my home. Oh and I’ve just started doing handstands and other inversions to enhance my yoga practice, so I’m always upside down now.

Youthful PRs: My best times are all from college –

800 – 2:31

1500 – 4:50

3000 – 10:05

5000 – 17:31

Mile – 5:21 (I ran a 5:13 split in a 3k once though)

Steeplechase 3k – 10:44

Open PRs: I ran for Garden State Track Club for a little bit and ran a 20:04 5K in 2018. There’s more but that is the most recent I can remember ☺