Rob Weston

Name: Rob Weston
Current Hometown: Meriden, CT
Family members we might see at a race: Mom, Bro, Dog
Current Employment: Middletown BOE/ Fast Track Timing

Current running interest: Road and track. 5k and up
Favorite race: Middletown Half or 10 Mile or 4 Mile or whatever they decide to call it next
Race you have done the most times: Citizens Bank 5k, Middletown
High School/College running programs: Middletown High/ Central Connecticut State
Hobbies: Racing my extensive collection of sport and luxury cars on the world’s finest circuits.
A favorite quote: “To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is
What you listen to on a road trip: Comedy/ Sports/ Indie
Something that makes you weird: I chose to be a distance runner and not a basketball player or
a wide receiver or a quarterback or a volleyball player or pretty much any other sport more
lucrative and better suited for a six and a half ft. dude!
Youthful PRs: Ran like 8:00 for the mile in 8th grade
Open PRs: Mile: 4:17, 5k: 15:39, 10k: 33:16, Half: 1:15:30, Marathon: 2:36:45
Masters PRs: Very Slow I’m sure
Grandmasters PRs: Nonexistence