Stephen Paddock

Stephen ran one race with SR and somehow got this gem taken…a promising start

Name: Stephen Paddock

Current Hometown: Glastonbury, CT

Family members we might see at a race: My fiance Shelby! (Wedding date 8/31/19!)

Current Employment: Mechanical Engineer at Pratt and Whitney

Current running interest: Marathon

Favorite race: Boston Marathon

Race you have done the most times: Boilermaker 15k (10 times)

High School/College running programs: Ilion High School, Mohawk Valley Community College (2 yrs), Clarkson University (2 yrs)

Hobbies: Mini golf, Cooking

A favorite quote: Progress is a series of small decisions

What you listen to on a road trip: Podcasts (Inside Running, 1609, rickgloo) or the Dave Matthews Band

Something that makes you weird: I’ll sing any song that I can substitute the name of my cat, Millie, into.

Youthful PRs (College):

XC 8k- 26:35

Track 10k- 34:33

Marathon- 2:54


Open PRs (Post collegiate):

5k- 15:48

5m- 26:23

10k- 33:53

15k- 50:49

10m- 54:05

30k- 1:42:48


50k-4:19 (Staying Consistent)

Masters PRs:

Marathon- 2:10

Grandmasters PRs:Marathon -1:59:59