William Sanders

Name: William Sanders 
Current Hometown: living in a van down by the river 

Family members we might see at a race: my cat 
Current Employment: yes 

Current running interest: I just feel like running 

Favorite race: Polar Bear Run 

Race you have done the most times: Steeplechase 

High School/College running programs: Northwest Catholic High School, UConn 

Hobbies: Kama Sutra, alcoholism, Cats (the animal not the musical), Christmas Lights, Crop Tops 

A favorite quote: “Cause when the feelin’s right I’m gonna run all night, I’m gonna run to you” – Bryan Adams 

What you listen to on a road trip: Finnish Power Metal 

Something that makes you weird: I don’t eat fruits or vegetables, but I love fruity beers and gummy bears. 

Youthful PRs: 3k 8:16 
3k Steeple 8:51.27 
Mile 4:06 
5k 14:15 

Open PRs: Half Marathon 1:06:12 
Full 2:28. 
5k road 14:49 
1 mile 4:03 
800 1:59.06 
Masters PRs: coming soon 
Grandmasters PRs: coming a little less sooner