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Welcome to the soundRunner Racing Club. We are the Elite Running Club in Connecticut competing in statewide, regional and national level races. We have runners ranging in abilities, including US Olympic Trial Qualifiers. Click Above to learn more about us.

Name: Chris Pagliuco

Current Hometown: Ivoryton (Essex), CT

Family members we might see at a race: Meghan, Corina, and Camille

Current Employment: K-8 Social Studies Program Coordinator, Madison Public Schools

Current running interest: Roads and Trails

Favorite race: Ragnar Cape Cod, Manchester Thanksgiving Day Road Race

Race you have done the most times: Manchester Road Race, since 1989

High School/College running programs: Keene State College, 1995-1999

Hobbies: Writing for publication, author The Great Escape of Edward Whalley and William Goffe, Smuggled Through CT (2012)

A favorite quote: Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.-Henry Ford

What you listen to on a road trip: Not U2

Something that makes you weird: I can’t decide how to pronounce pecan.

Youthful PRs: 1600m-4:20, 15:20-5k, 24:35-8k

Masters PRs: 4:56 indoor mile, 16:45-5k, 59:45-10 miler, 1:16:13 ½ Marathon, 2:46:30 Marathon


Chris Pagliuco


Name: Colleen Fischman
Current Hometown: East Rock, CT (Originally from Buffalo, NY – Go Bills!)
Family members we might see at a race: Dad
Current Employment: Optometrist
Current running interest: Half Marathons
Favorite race: 5k
Race you have done the most times: 5k
High School/College running programs: Hamburg High School, SUNY – Cortland
Hobbies: Eating, playing with my cats and being outside
A favorite quote: When she stood she stood tall
What you listen to on a road trip: The Lumineers
Something that makes you weird: I’m a triplet
Youthful PRs:
800: 2:21
3k: 10:32
5k: 18:05
Open PRs:
Half Marathon: 1:33:37
Marathon: 3:28:48

Colleen Fischman