SoundRunner Attacks the Hill in Bolton

SoundRunner Racing Club took to the streets of Bolton to compete in the 2nd USATF-CT Grand Prix race of the season the Bolton (5 miler) Road Race. Know for its grueling hill in the last mile, all three teams that competed (Men’s Open, Women Open & Men’s Masters) finished third. After the 2nd races in the series the women remained tied for the lead while the men’s open and men’s masters remain third overall. The next race in the series will be the Delany Dash 4 Miler in May.

Men Open

3. Sound Runner

Nicholas Migani 0:28:13

Christopher Rosenberg 0:29:13

Michael Waterbury 0:29:23

Anthony Gonsalves 0:29:58

Billy Barone 0:32:01

Total 2:28:48

Women Open

3. Sound Runner

Carolyn Nye 0:31:43

Jaclyn Sullivan 0:34:38

Sara Belles 0:34:51

Hildie Heck 0:43:16

Elizabeth Wright 0:43:47

Total 3:08:15

Men Masters

3. Sound Runner

Billy Barone 0:32:01

Neal Leibowitz 0:32:10

Bruce Christensen 0:32:48

Total 1:36:59

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