Women (Rock and) Roll to Victory In New Haven

New Haven, CT – The Men and Women of SoundRunner began their USATF CT Road Grand Prix Campaign on March 1st. The First Stop was the 99.1 PLR CrossPoint Federal Credit Union ShamRock & Roll 5k in New Haven.

Individual Results: https://www.jbsports.com/results

Team Results : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17HPSg2f7n2vVL5IwxSW6uSey_hqwVeFR2FLwG57Tc1M/edit#gid=410393299

The Women Open Team continued their winning streak from last year by winning the Open and Masters Titles. The Open team was led by Devyn Pryor and Carolyn Nye and easily won the team title by over 5 minutes. The Women’s Master Team of Sybil Shapiro, Amiee Patel, and new comer Debbie Gutfreund easily dispatched the 2nd place team by over four and a half minutes.

The Men’s Open Team were led by overall race winner William Sanders to a Third Place Team Finish. The Men’s Master Team also recorded a Third Place Team finish, while the Grandmaster’s Team finished second.

The next race will be on April 5th, the Harvard Pilgrim Middletown 10 Miler.

Men’s Open
1. Hartbeat TC
Matt Walker 0:15:11
Christopher Helminski 0:15:19
Chris Angelo 0:15:37
Ben Lanza 0:16:03
Phil Mitchell 0:16:07
Total 1:18:17

2. Manchester RC
Tyler Lyon 0:15:17
Jon Krell 0:15:22
Ken Whitney 0:15:38
Scott Bushey 0:15:54
Adam Gootnick 0:16:20
Total 1:18:31

3. Sound Runner
William Sanders 0:14:58
Stephen Paddock 0:15:12
Christopher Rosenberg 0:16:10
Brendan Atkins 0:16:46
Anthony Gonsalves 0:16:53
Total 1:19:59

Men’s Master
1. Hartbeat TC
Brian Graca 0:16:15
Gregory Weaver 0:16:30
Mario Vazquez 0:17:41
Total 0:50:26

2. Manchester RC
Chris Mayer 0:17:21
Mike Riordan 0:17:34
David Guzik 0:17:49
Total 0:52:44

3. Sound Runner
Bartholomew Wasiolek 0:17:27
Kevin Boughan 0:17:56
Chris Vollaro 0:18:05
Total 0:53:28

Men’s Grandmaster
1. Hartford TC
Chris Chisholm 0:17:40
Russell Blatt 0:18:03
James Mas 0:19:23
Total 0:55:06

2. Sound Runner
Bartholomew Wasiolek 0:17:27
Billy Barone 0:18:55
Kenneth Berardi 0:19:28
Total 0:55:50

Women’s Open
1. Sound Runner
Devyn Pryor 0:17:42
Carolyn Nye 0:17:46
Elizabeth Campbell 0:18:35
Courtney Dinnan-Knapp 0:18:37
Sybil Shapiro 0:18:43
Total 1:31:23

2. New Haven RR
Jen Moroz 0:17:36
Stefanie Gillson 0:19:01
Jessica Armstrong 0:19:46
Rebecca Taylor 0:19:52
Kristin Waters 0:20:16
Total 1:36:31

3. Mohegan Striders
Becky Snelson 0:18:39
Brandy Leclair 0:19:06
Marcy Withington 0:21:26
Kris-Anne Kane 0:21:52
Angela Thomas 0:22:17
Total 1:43:20

Women’s Master
1. Sound Runner
Sybil Shapiro 0:18:43
Aimee Patel 0:20:21
Debbie Gutfreund 0:21:46
Total 1:00:50

2. Manchester RC
Melissa Emmerich 0:21:21
Amy Heffernan 0:21:26
Sarah Ferrero 0:21:58
Total 1:04:45

3. Mohegan Striders
Marcy Withington 0:21:26
Kris-Anne Kane 0:21:52
Laurie Schaeffer 0:22:54
Total 1:06:12


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