More Fall Racing & Pub Runs!

Despite the pandemic, it was another busy weekend for the Soundrunner racing team! In a Track 5k in New Canaan, Liz Campbell claimed victory in a speedy 18:09, along with fellow lady Soundrunners Sybil Sanders, Amanda Morgan and Mary Johnson!  

On Sunday, the Escape the Notch half Marathon and Marathon saw two outstanding performances by husband and wife team Will & Sybil Sanders. Will claimed the marathon victory in 2:39; while his speedy wife took home 5th in a competitive elite half marathon with a time of 1:23 (the day after racing a fast 5K!) John Minervino had a solid performance, clocking a 1:30 half, and Keith Coburn rocking a 1:53! Full Results Here

On Thursday this past week, other members indulged in a group pub run and team-sponsored dinner in Wallingford. Let’s see what holds next for Soundrunner Racing….  

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