Carolyn Nye

Name: Carolyn Nye

Current Hometown: Essex, CT

Family members we might see at a race: Maybe my husband Jesse and kids Alanna and Dylan

Current Employment: Manager in Product Strategy for Acxiom

Current running interest: Road/Speed; Staying injury free. 

Favorite race: Hartford Half Marathon & Ragnar Cape Cod

Race you have done the most times: Run for Chris 5k in Essex 

High School/College running programs:
Westport High School, Westport MA
UMass Dartmouth
Ran XC; Spring & winter track for 8 years 

Cooking & wine; trying to get into golf when I’m not running. 

A favorite quote:
 But why is the carpet all wet, Todd? I don’t know, Margo!

What you listen to on a road trip:
Mumford and Sons or ‘90s mix

Something that makes you weird:
I won’t eat cheese unless it’s melted 

Youthful PRs:
1500: 5:04
Mile: 5:24
3k steeple: 11:45 
5k: 19:18

Open PRs:
Mile: 5:20 (5:00 downhill)
5k: 17:42
Half Marathon: 1:20 

Masters PRs: none yet!! But hanging on to hit some good ones in 3 years 🙂