Nick Migini

Nick with gloves on.

Name: Nick MiganiCurrent

Hometown: Planstville, CT

Family members we might see at a race: My cats if I can teach them how to accept being on leashes

Current Employment: School Psychologist

Current running interest: (Trail? Mountain? Speed? Ultra? Staying injury free?) Speed (track and road) and being injury free..for once

Favorite race: Manchester Road Race and St. Catherine’s of Siena 5k

Race you have done the most times: Manchester Road Race High School/College running programs: Norwich Free Academy and briefly Stonehill College

Hobbies: Playing with my cats, selling running shoes, and watching youtube videos of people opening baseball cards

A favorite quote: “Workouts are like brushing my teeth; I don’t think about them, I just do them. The decision has already been made.” Patti Sue Plummer. “I just want to drink beer and train like an animal.” Rod Dixon

What you listen to on a road trip: Matt and Kim, Third Eye Blind, serial killer podcasts, or silence as I let my thoughts slowly crush my soul

Something that makes you weird: I’d say I’ve covered that in some of my previous responses Youthful PRs: 1:59 800m

Open PRs: 4:05 1500m, 15:29 5k, 25:33 5 mile, 1:14:27 Half