Billy Barone

Billy weight lifting after another win.

Name: Billy Barone 

Current Hometown:Stamford 

Family members we might see at a race:Steve Barone

Current Employment:local 926 Carpenters, Brooklyn,NYC

Current running interest: (Trail? Mountain? Speed? Ultra? Staying injury free?) As fast as I can

Favorite race:Vermont City Marathon 

Race you have done the most times: New Haven Road Race

High School/College running programs: XC freshman and sophomore year

Hobbies:Running… ahhh more running and I’m good at laying on my couch drinking wine 

A favorite quote:To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.

What you listen to on a road trip: Bruce Springsteen Is my favorite 

Something that makes you weird:I’m a runner… everything 

Grandmasters PRs:Marathon…2:58… Half 121… 5k 17:28… mile 4:48