Meghan Pagliuco

Name: Meghan Pagliuco

Current Hometown: Ivoryton, CT

Family members we might see at a race : Chris, Corina, and Camille

Current Employment: Teacher in Madison, CT

Current running interest: Half marathons

Favorite race: Manchester Road Race

Race you have done the most times: Manchester Road Race

High School/College running programs: Keene State College

Hobbies: Triathlons, eating air popped popcorn

What you listen to on a road trip : Queen. Fun. Cat Stevens. Acoustic Morning Sunrise. Stand up comedy.

A Favorite Quote: “Keep showing up.” Des Linden

Something that makes you weird: Catfish are stalking me. I can’t get away from them.

Youthful PRs: Just can’t remember.

Open PRs- Not really.

Masters PRs: 1:37- ½ Marathon, 3:28 marathon, 20:49-5k