Colleen Fischman


Name: Colleen Fischman
Current Hometown: East Rock, CT (Originally from Buffalo, NY – Go Bills!)
Family members we might see at a race: Dad
Current Employment: Optometrist
Current running interest: Half Marathons
Favorite race: 5k
Race you have done the most times: 5k
High School/College running programs: Hamburg High School, SUNY – Cortland
Hobbies: Eating, playing with my cats and being outside
A favorite quote: When she stood she stood tall
What you listen to on a road trip: The Lumineers
Something that makes you weird: I’m a triplet
Youthful PRs:
800: 2:21
3k: 10:32
5k: 18:05
Open PRs:
Half Marathon: 1:33:37
Marathon: 3:28:48