Cory Loftis

Name: Cory Loftis

Current Hometown: Cheshire

Family members we might see at a race: If there is a good post-race spread, my fiancé.

Current Employment: Product Manager in the population health field.

Current running interest: Focusing on avoiding injury, building mileage, and getting back into 5K shape. Currently trying to catch my high school self. I enjoy the roads and trails, but I am addicted to the control of working out and racing on the track.

Favorite races: Age Before Beauty “5K,” Delaney Dash, Branford Road Race

Race you have done the most times: Branford Road Race

High School/College running programs: Branford High, Holy Cross, UConn club

Hobbies: Hobby jogging, of course.

A favorite quote: “If you sacrifice little, you’ll get little success.” -Kipchoge

Something that makes you weird: Due to various travel and napping procrastination, I’ve gotten a run in at every hour of the day (i.e. midnight, 3AM, etc.). Time of day is relative, and it’s never too late to get the mileage in!

Youthful PRs: 4:25 1600m, 14:56 5K, 30:56 10K

Open PRs: 15:44 5K road, recent times are usually in the 16s