Neal Leibowitz

Name:  Neal Leibowitz

Current Hometown: South Windsor

Family members we might see at a race: Brenda (spouse)

Current Employment: Liberty Mutual

Current running interest: Marathoning

Favorite race: Manchester Road Race

Race you have done the most times: Manchester Road Race

High School/College running programs: E.O. Smith High School

Hobbies: Board Gaming

A favorite quote:  It’s not enough to set one world record, you have to set it twice to prove you can beat yourself (Alberto Salazar)

What you listen to on a road trip: SeriusXM Coffee House

Something that makes you weird: I spent my college days doing plyometrics almost everyday until I could jam a basketball

Youthful PRs: 5k 16:50

Open PRs: 5K 17:30, MRR 28:03, Marathon 3:02

Masters PRs: 5K 17:40, MRR 28:15, Marathon 2:58

Grandmasters PRs: 5K 18:23 MRR 31:40