Mike Waterbury

Name: Mike Waterbury
Current Hometown: Branford
Family members we might see at a race: Maybe Mom & Dad
Current Employment: Health Teacher
Current running interest: 5K (shorter the distance the better)
Favorite race: 800m or 1 Mile
Race you have done the most times: The Killingworth Road Race
High School/College running programs: Central Connecticut State University
Hobbies: Golfing, Hunting.
A favorite quote: The fight club running quote. Something about running until your veins pumped
battery acid.
What you listen to on a road trip: Audiobooks or long podcasts
Something that makes you weird: I despise Asparagus. It is a vile weed.
Youthful PRs: 400m: 49s (relay split),800m: 1:52, 1 Mile: 4:16, 5K: 16:12, Marathon: 2:52:17
Open PRs: See above
Masters PRs:
Grandmasters PRs: