Teams Start Out on Top in New Haven

The Soundrunner Racing Team took to the streets of New Haven to open the season at the 99.1 PLR Shamrock & Roll 5K. This was the opening race in the 2019 USATF CT Road Grand Prix Series.

Overall Results:

Team Results:

Men Open 

3. Sound Runner
William Sanders 0:15:02
Christopher Rosenberg 0:15:59
William Griffin 0:16:25
Thomas Weston 0:16:27
Nicholas Migani 0:16:38
Total 1:20:31

William Sanders led the team with a 2nd place finish overall. Compared to last year’s race, the team improved one spot & decreased the team’s overall time by 4 minutes and 53 seconds.

Mens Masters & Grand Masters

Men’s Master Men’s Grandmaster
1. Sound Runner 1. Sound Runner
Christopher Pagliuco 0:16:52 Billy Barone 0:18:04
Kevin Boughan 0:17:26 Bruce Christensen 0:19:04
Billy Barone 0:18:04 Neal Leibowitz 0:19:28

Both the Men’s Masters and Grandmasters team took the titles, wining the masters race by over two minutes and the grandmaster title by 26 seconds.

Women Open

Women’s Open
1. Sound Runner
Courtney Dinnan 0:17:57
Carolyn Nye 0:18:00
Sybil Shapiro 0:18:30
Brittany Griffin 0:18:32
Elizabeth Campbell 0:18:41
Total 1:31:40

The women dominated the competition, defeating the 2nd place team by almost nine minutes. The women were led by Courtney Dinnan, who finished the 3rd overall female.

The team will be back in action next week at the Bolton Road Race. 52991270_10155878445415025_8024408113467621376_n53283574_10157018524448948_6496275057541644288_n

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