SoundRunners Complete The Road Series On Top

Hartford CT – The men and women took to the streets of Hartford to complete the final race of the 2019 USATF Road Grand Prix Series, the Hartford Half-Marathon.

Individual Results:

Team Results:

The Women completed the Perfect Season, winning the team title to go with the series title they clinched on Labor Day. The Men Open team finished third as a team in the race and the series as a whole. The Men’s Masters team finished second on the day but won the overall series over Manchester Running Company. The new team titles have been reflected on the Past Team Titles page.

The team will now focus on the USATF CT XC Series, with the next race being the Age Before Beauty 5k in Litchfield on November 10th.

Men Open
3. Sound Runner
William Sanders 1:07:59
Stephen Paddock 1:09:03
Christopher Rosenberg 1:14:20
Michael Waterbury 1:18:30
Billy Barone 1:23:13
Total 6:13:05

Final USATF-CT Grand Prix Team Results
Hartbeat TC 67
Manchester RC 67
Sound Runner 58

Women’s Open
1. Sound Runner
Carolyn Nye 1:20:18
Elizabeth Campbell 1:27:23
Lori Marcantonio 1:27:50
Brittany Griffin 1:28:08
Aimee Patel 1:30:29
Total 7:14:08

Final USATF-CT Grand Prix Team Results
Sound Runner 77
Milford RR 57
Mohegan Striders 46

Men Masters
2. Sound Runner
Billy Barone 1:23:13
Chris Vollaro 1:24:54
Kevin Boughan 1:25:20
Total 4:13:27

Final USATF-CT Grand Prix Team Results
MM Team
Sound Runner 67
Manchester RC 61
Mohegan Striders 57

Men’s Grandmaster
1. Sound Runner
Billy Barone 1:23:13
Bruce Christensen 1:27:59
Steve Barone 1:50:10
Total 4:41:22

MG Team
Sound Runner 76
Mohegan Striders 46
Hartford TC 41

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