Teams Get Off to Winning Start to Cross Country Season

New Britain, CT – The men and women of soundrunner started the campaign to Lehigh on the right note, winning both the Men’s and Women’s Titles at the Ray Crothers 5k in New Britain. This is stop 1 of the three race USATF-XC series. The men were led by Stephen Paddock , who finished 5th Overall. The women put up a perfect team scored led by
Brittany Telke. The team will look to continue their winnning way in Litchfield, at the Age Before Beauty 5k on Novemeber 10th.

72200009_10156979894649221_1603693002520264704_n (1)

Race Results:

Team Results
Men’s Open (14+)

1. Sound Runner
Stephen Paddock 1
Christopher Rosenberg 2
Jake Duckworth 3
Michael Waterbury 4
Nicholai Dalidowitz 7

Total 10

2. Brookfield RC
Lane Thornton 5
William Drew 8
Peter Lofink 9
Kenneth Scott 11

Total 33

3. Hartford TC
Russell Blatt 6
John Shepherd 10
Curt Pandiscio 12
Peter Briggeman 13
Samuel Lewbel 14

Total 41

Women’s Open (14+)
1. Sound Runner
Brittany Telke 1
Katie Esposito 2
Jeanne Theleen 3
Michelle Navarro 4

Total 10

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