Men Win 4th XC Series Title in West Hartford

West Hartford, CT – The men complete the perfect season and win their fourth consecutive Cross Country Series Title at the HTC 8K Cross Country Challenge.

Individual Results

Team Results

The Trio of Jake Duckworth, Anthony Gonsalves, and Robert Weston former a tight pack upfront, finishing within five seconds of each other. Not too far back was Cory Loftis, who finished up the team score. With his result Jake Duckworth also clinched the Individual Cross Country Series Title. The Master Team of William Zucconi, Kevin Boughan, and Bruce Christensen took home the team title on the day, and ended up finishing second in the series overall. Though the women did not register a team score they were represented by Jeanne Theleen and Sara Belles. The men and women will take to the road for various Turkey Trots and then head to Lehigh University On December 14th to compete at the USATF National Club cross Country Championships.

Men’s Open (16+)
1. Sound Runner
Jake Duckworth 1
Anthony Gonsalves 2
Thomas Weston 3
Cory Loftis 5
William Zucconi (6)
Kevin Boughan (8)
Total 11

2. Brookfield RC
Lane Thornton 4
William Drew 7
Peter Lofink 9
Bernie Gee 15

Total 35

3. Hartford TC
John Mullaney 10
Michael Graziosi 11
Ken Clark 12
Rick Tillotson 13
Curt Pandiscio (14)
Renugopal Dasarathan (16)
Total 46

Men Open Series Results
Event NB5K L5K WH8K Total

MO Team
Sound Runner 11 11 11 33
Brookfield RC 9 9 9 27
Hartford TC 8 8 16

Men’s Master (40+)
1. Sound Runner
William Zucconi 1
Kevin Boughan 2
Bruce Christensen 3
Neal Leibowitz (4)
John Minervino (5)

Total 6

2. Hartford TC
John Mullaney 6
Michael Graziosi 7
Ken Clark 8
Curt Pandiscio (9)
Ted Cowles (10)

Total 21

Men Masters Series Results
Event NB5K L5K WH8K Total
MM Team
Hartford TC 11 9 9 29
Sound Runner 11 11 22
Brookfield RC 8 8

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